Model years: 1952–1973
Displacements: 350cc, 175cc, 100cc, 90cc, 60cc, 50cc
Origin: Japan (all parts & bikes), USA (late-model bikes)

While many of today's motorcyclists learned to ride on a Bridgestone, the bikes themselves are now fairly uncommon, though not extremely rare. These WWW pages, established Aug 1995, are an archive of information about Bridgestone motorcycles. Your contributions are welcome.

Recent updates:
16 Aug 2017 - Added OCR'd PDFs of Australian sales brochures and magazine articles; huge thanks to Ray Kinch for the original scans!
31 Oct 2015 - Removed or fixed some broken links from this page.


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The owner/creator of this site is Mike Brown. Any technical questions, opinions on the value of your bike, parts requests, etc. should go to Richard Clark, the foremost authority on Bridgestone motorcycles. His contact information is listed on the "Where to get Bridgestone parts" page of this site.