Locating Bridgestone Parts

Yamaha dealers
Bridgestones were sold through dealers that sold other two-stroke motorcycles, particularly Yamaha dealers. If you can find a Yamaha dealer in your area that has been around for a long time, inquire there about Bridgestone parts.

By now, however, most of these dealers have long since sold or discarded their Bridgestone parts. In a 2010 email, John "olvinut13" told an Australian collector "I was NSW Sales Manager for McCulloch of Australia when they were the NSW Bridgestone importers. When Yamaha bought out Bridgestone in Japan, we disposed of Bridgestone stock and put Yamaha into all our dealerships. Our instructions with spare parts was to take them to the tip!!! [this is a regional idiom meaning to take rubbish to a landfill or recycling center], although Vic Lyons at Homebush NSW did take a lot of Bridgestone parts before the dump."

motorcycle junkyards
Ask around about motorcycle junkyards that have a lot of small bikes. You might find a Bridgestone under a pile of old Hondas.

Richard Clark
When Rockford Motors closed its doors in the late 1970s, a Bridgestone enthusiast named Richard D. Clark bought their supply of sorted parts. He also buys dealer stocks and other collections. He sells the parts to individuals for reasonable prices. Mr. Clark has an extensive supply, and he even manufactures replicas of a few items that are extremely difficult to find—carb caps, for example.

In late 2008, he launched the Richard's Relics Bridgestone Motorcycle Parts web site, which includes a forum for BS owners and is a means of contacting Richard and getting quotes for parts. If you want to contact him privately, here is his contact info:

Richard D. Clark
4846 Quarry Rd.
New Albany, IN 47150

phone: 812.944.1643 (12pm–6pm Eastern)
email: bsparts@aye.net

Certified Parts (Janesville, Wisconsin, USA)
This company buys up dealer stocks around the country and supposedly has a good selection. Contact them at: their web site or either of these phone numbers: 800-356-0777 or 608-752-9441

Diablo Cycle
This is a company that has a small stock of original Bridgestone parts and they also make a few reproduction decals for Bridgestone and Rockford models.
Diablo Cycle
100 Bessemer Road
Unit #4
London, Ontario
N6E 1R2

phone: 519-668-7152
web site: www.diablocycle.com

Key Men - Keys for Classics
(asked to be listed in Sep 2003)
We supply key blanks for classic cars & motorcycles,
and have some stock on Bridgestone motorcycle keys,
as well as keys for other older bikes.

web site: www.key-men.com

If you know of other parts sources, email me and I will include them in the list.